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On-site classes are held at your organization's location. These classes can be contracted either for a fee or some trainers will allow you to host the class for no cost.

on-site training
Rappel Master Certification Course ATTACK! OpGear
Officer Survival Course,tac.pistol/rifle ret.disarming,escapes cortezenterprisesLLC
Basic On Scene Shooting Reconstruction Forensic ITC Services
VIP Protection Course Special Operations Systems
Crime Scene Investigations Forensic ITC Services
Field Training Officer (Instructor) Moser Training Solutions, LLC
Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques Advanced Interviewing Concepts
Undercover and Off-Duty Survival High Threat Solutions Worldwide
Courtroom Testimony-Learning to be Successful on the Stand Forensic ITC Services
Cognitive Interviewing; Improving Witness Memory LIES Linguistic Interrogation
Body Language and Deception in High Risk Environments Cisco Strategic Studies LLC
Law Enforcement Dedicated Rifle Marksman U.S. Small Arms Training School
Enhanced Training Concepts - Advanced FTO PTO CTO Moser Training Solutions, LLC
Advanced S.W.A.T. Special Operations Systems
Virtual Firearms Training-Deadly Force Scenarios Tactical Defense Academy
Protective Services Operations Course National Protective Services Inst.
Prism Yoga ~ LEO yoga instructor certification Prism Yoga LLC
Interpersonal Communications Skills for Law Enforcement Moser Training Solutions, LLC
Leader Skills for Police Supervisors Finest's Professional Development
High Risk Tactical Operations Course Special Operations Systems
Human Factors: Threat & Error Management California Training Institute
Cold Case Resolution Homicide Education & Training Project
Force Encounters Analysis: Human Perform during Critical Incidents California Training Institute
Covert Methods of Entry (CMoE) Training in Lock Picking Jericho Entry Training
Introduction to Protective Services National Protective Services Inst.
Documentation, Collection & Preservation of Footwear & Tire Evid. Forensic ITC Services
Tactical Lifesaver Course Vital Defense Group
Fundamentals of Homicide Investigation Homicide Education & Training Project
Investigative Statement Analysis; Truth through what they S.A.I.D.® LIES Linguistic Interrogation
K9 Handlers,Seminars,Certifications & Police Service Dog sales Lakeview K9
Instructor Development for Law Enforcement Moser Training Solutions, LLC
Firearms, Tactics, Medical, Driving Triple Canopy
Training Staff Development Moser Training Solutions, LLC