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July 2018
16-20 Hostage/Crisis Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Denver, CO
17-19 Academy Basic Recruit Training Staff Development Blackhawk, CO
23-27 Petauro Systems® Drone Train-the-Trainer Program Loveland, CO
23-27 Petauro Systems® Public Safety Remote Pilot Course Loveland, CO
24-25 Springfield Armory XD/XDm & 1911 Armorer Westminster, CO
24-26 WZ Criminal Interview and Interrogation Colorado Springs, CO
27 WZ Criminal Interview and Interrogation - Advanced Workshop Colorado Springs, CO
30-1 Prisoner Control *BY PATC Denver, CO
30-3 Police Sniper Basic (50hrs) (five days) ($650) Greeley, CO
August 2018
1 Survive and Thrive Stress Resilience Training Loveland, CO
2-3 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Boulder, CO
8-10 PRW Mobile and Foot Surveillance Course Denver , CO
10 Implementing Social Media Strategy for Law Enforcement Loveland, CO
13 Tactics in Traffic by Calibre Press Aurora, CO
13-14 IAPE - Property Room Management Training Class Commerce City, CO
13-17 Hostage Negotiations, Phase III *BY PATC Denver, CO
20-21 Dark Web Conference by POLICE TECHNICAL Denver, CO
20-24 Advanced Under Cover Techniques Westminster, CO
20-24 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival Denver, CO
21-22 Forensic Pathology for Investigators *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Hidden Compartments and Other areas of Concealment *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Interview and Interrogation for Investigators and Patrol Officers *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Investigating Basic Sex Crimes *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Response to Active Shooter and Terrorism Readiness *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Search Warrant Major Case Investigation *BY PATC Denver, CO
21-22 Stress Management in Law Enforcement *BY PATC Denver, CO
22-24 IA-101: Internal Affairs Investigations Course Denver , CO
23-24 Fire and Arson Fatality Fire Scene Investigation *BY PATC Colorado Springs, CO
24-26 LE Counter Ambush Course By PPC Colorado Springs, CO
28-30 ALERT: Ambush and Lethal Environment Recognition Westminster, CO
September 2018
11-14 Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Advanced Interrogation™ Denver, CO
17-18 Principles for De-escalation and Understanding People *BY PATC Denver, CO
17-21 NRA LE Tactical Shooting Instructor Development School Littleton, CO
19-21 PRW Scoped Rifle for Patrol Officers Nunn, CO
20-24 Covert Entry and Lock Bypass By PPC Colorado Springs, CO
24-26 PRW Mobile and Foot Surveillance Course Denver , CO
25-27 Covert Entry Forensics By PPC Colorado Springs, CO
October 2018
1-3 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Westminster, CO
2-5 2018 Rocky Mountain Women In Law Enforcement Conference Colorado Springs, CO
4-5 PRW Police Sniper Coordination and Control (supervisor course) Brighton, CO
8-9 Cell Phone Technology *BY PATC Denver, CO
8-12 Alpha Group Center - Crime Analysis Rifle, CO
9-11 PRW Defensive Pistol II for LE(3days)(30hrs) (2500rds) Nunn, CO
10 Heroin on steroids: Fentanyl, W-18 and U-47700 Loveland, CO
10-11 Finding the Leader in You by Calibre Press Loveland, CO
12-13 Ballistic Breaching By PPC Colorado Springs, CO
15 Sexual Deviant Killers Loveland, CO
15-16 Dark Web Investigations Westminster, CO
19-20 Tactical Medicine By PPC Colorado Springs, CO
22-25 Leadership Skills For Challenging Times *BY PATC Denver, CO
24 SIG SAUER P320 Lakewood, CO
29-30 PATC: Crisis Communications for Dispatchers Westminster, CO
November 2018
5-8 Advanced Police Sniper (40hrs) (four days) ($595) Broomfield, CO
13 The Winning Mind for Women Unleashed! Loveland, CO
December 2018
3 Tactical Leadership by Calibre Press Aurora, CO
3-7 Police Sniper Basic (50hrs) (five days) ($650) Nunn, CO
13 Advanced Tactical Scouting (pre warrant raid planning) Brighton, CO
14 PRW Mildot/Rangefinding clinic (1 day)($150) Brighton, CO
17-18 O.O.D.A. Loop based Officer Survival Denver, CO
17-19 PRW Police Sniper Cold Weather Ops Steamboat Sp., CO
January 2019
14-16 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Longmont, CO
April 2019
8-12 Alpha Group Center - Crime Analysis Colorado Springs, CO
15 Forensic Statement Analysis Denver, CO
16-17 Investigative Interviewing Skills Denver, CO
18-19 Advanced Forensic Statement Analysis Denver, CO
October 2019
7-11 Alpha Group Center - Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Colorado Springs, CO
April 2020
20-24 Alpha Group Center - Criminal Investigative Analysis Colorado Springs, CO