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April 2017
3-4 “The Winning Edge” Mindset and Tactics for Patrol and Beyond Marrietta, GA
5 Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques Alpharetta, GA
May 2017
1-2 Hidden Compartments and Other areas of Concealment *BY PATC Lawrenceville, GA
9-11 De-escalation Training: Train-the-Trainer Training Atlanta , GA
15-11 Northwestern's School of Police Staff and Command Kennesaw, GA
22 Female Enforcers by Calibre Press Atlanta, GA
23-24 Google for Public Safety by POLICE TECHNICAL Lawrenceville, GA
June 2017
5 Responding to Mental Health Crisis by DOLAN Marietta, GA
5-6 Officer Involved Shooting and Critical Incident Response by DOLAN Marietta, GA
5-6 Violent Crime Investigations: Seeking Justice for the Victims by DOLAN Marietta, GA
6-9 Surviving Verbal Conflict®: Verbal De-escalation Train the Trainer by DOLAN Marietta, GA
7 Biased-Based Policing Reports: Best Practices by DOLAN Marietta, GA
7 Drones: What Public Safety Officials Need to Know by DOLAN Marietta, GA
7-8 Open Source Investigations by POLICE TECHNICAL Lawrenceville, GA
8-9 Community Policing: Winning Back Your Community by DOLAN Marietta, GA
8-9 Confronting the Toxic Officer: Making Discipline Stick by DOLAN Marietta, GA
July 2017
11-13 Supervising the Toxic Officer *BY PATC Marietta, GA
11-14 Body Language Instructor: Training the New Officer for Surviving Violence Atlanta , GA
24-26 First Line Supervision: Leadership and Management Skills *BY PATC Marietta, GA
27 Responding to Veterans and Police Officers in Crisis *BY PATC Marietta, GA
August 2017
1-2 2 Day Mid Management Seminar / JLG Training Norcross, GA
3 Oral Boards for Promotion / JLG Training Norcross, GA
21-24 National Internal Affairs Investigators Assoc (NIAIA) Training Conf Savannah, GA
28-30 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Marietta, GA
September 2017
11-12 Emerging Law Enforcement Legal Trends *BY PATC Marietta, GA
26-28 Solving Homicides: Investigative Steps to Success *BY PATC Marietta, GA
October 2017
3-5 IALEFI Master Instructor Development Holly Springs, GA
30-1 Five Stages of Interview and Interrogation Techniques *BY PATC Marietta, GA
November 2017
7-9 Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites *BY PATC Marietta, GA
20-22 Investigating Basic Sex Crimes *BY PATC Marietta, GA
28-30 Leadership Skills For Challenging Times *BY PATC Marietta, GA