August 2015
3-6 PIO BOOT CAMP | 4-day Master Public Information Ofc | Chris Ryan Seminars Smyrna, GA
6 Inside the Tape Patrol Response to the Suspicious Death and Homicide Scene East Point, GA
10-14 Smartphone Forensics and Cellular Technology (SMART) *BY PATC Lawrenceville, GA
24-25 Surviving Verbal Conflict *BY PATC Lawrenceville, GA
26-28 Supervision, Leadership and Officer Discipline *BY PATC Lawrenceville, GA
31-4 Crime Scene Processing Workshop Lawrenceville, GA
31-4 Gracie Survival Tactics Level 1 Ft. Benning, GA
September 2015
1-3 Use of Force and Documentation *BY PATC Marietta, GA
9-10 Legal and Liability Mgt - Tactical-SWAT-Emergency Response *BY PATC Marietta, GA
14-18 Homicide Investigation Lawrenceville, GA
15-17 AR-15 M16 Armorer Course *BY PATC Alpharetta , GA
18 De-escalation Techniques: Train the Trainer Alpharetta, GA
21-25 Criminal Investigative Techniques Blythe, GA
25 SABRE - Chemical Aerosol Projector Instructor Atlanta, GA
29-1 Leadership Skills For Challenging Times *BY PATC Marietta, GA
October 2015
26-30 Bloodstain Interpretation Lawrenceville, GA
30 DRE: Reconstruction Traffic Felony Cases Alpharetta, GA
November 2015
4-6 Digital Photography for Law Enforcement Lawrenceville, GA
13 Field Training Officer Leadership Alpharetta, GA
December 2015
4 Successful Techniques for Law Enforcement Promotional Processes Alpharetta, GA