July 2014
29-30 Supervising the Toxic Officer *BY PATC Nampa, ID
August 2014
4-5 Internet Tools for Criminal Investigators *BY PATC Nampa, ID
11 Cell Phone Investigation Techniques Meridian, ID
11-15 Hostage Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Boise, ID
21-22 Forensic Pathology for Investigators *BY PATC Boise, ID
26 Arresting Communications By Calibre Press Boise, ID
September 2014
3-5 Interviewing and Understanding Sexual Deviant Behavior *BY PATC Nampa, ID
9-11 First Line Supervision - Mastering Leadership Skills *BY PATC Boise, ID
15-16 Crisis Communications for Dispatchers *BY PATC Boise, ID
16-19 4 day- Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Adv. Interrogation® Coeur D’ Alene, ID
23-25 Homicide Investigation - Crime Scene to Courtroom *BY PATC Boise, ID
October 2014
6-8 LSA - Detecting Deception in Written Statements *BY PATC Boise, ID
8-9 Patrol Officer Drug Investigations Idaho Falls, ID
29-30 Cell Phone Technology *BY PATC Boise, ID