June 2015
8-10 Advanced OODA Loop based Officer Survival w/ Trauma Care- Rally Point TC Idaho Falls, ID
8-12 K9 Muzzle/Tactical Obedience/Problem Solving Boise, ID
8-12 NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor Development School Rexburg, ID
15-17 Criminal Drug Interdiction Techniques and Concealment Locations *BY PATC Nampa, ID
15-19 PRW Police Sniper BASIC Mountain Home, ID
23 The Winning Mind for Women: Career and Tactical Survival Boise, ID
24-26 30 HR "Lone Wolf" Officer Survival (P.O.S.T.) Filer, ID
30-2 Use of Force and Documentation *BY PATC Nampa, ID
July 2015
7-9 Advanced Cell Phone Technology Phase II *BY PATC Meridian, ID
13-17 Hostage Negotiations - Phase I and II *BY PATC Boise, ID
28 The Warrior's Edge by Calibre Press Idaho Falls, ID
28-30 Homicide and Violent Crimes Investigation *BY PATC Nampa, ID
August 2015
3 "Lone Wolf" Single/Two Officer Active Shooter Response Filer, ID
4-6 AR-15 M16 Armorer Course *BY PATC Caldwell, ID
24-26 Investigative Statement Analysis *BY PATC Meridian, ID
24-28 Urban Operations for the Law Enforcement Sniper Burley, ID
27-28 Covert Methods of Entry (CMoE) Training in Lock Picking & Lock Bypassing Boise, ID
September 2015
1-2 Internet Tools for Criminal Investigators *BY PATC Nampa, ID
9-10 Child Death Investigation - Child Death Scene to Court *BY PATC Meridian, ID
November 2015
2-3 Background Investigators course Coeur d'Alene, ID
4 Forensic Statement Analysis ~ Deception Detection Coeur d'Alene, ID
5-6 Leadership 101 course Coeur d'Alene, ID
December 2015
7-8 Supervisor Liability *BY PATC Boise, ID
7-9 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Filer, ID