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May 2017
11 Patron Saints of the Mexican Drug Underworld Whittier, CA
12 The Competitive Edge by Calibre Press Lemont Furnace, PA
17-18 Supervision for Jail and Correctional Officers *BY PATC Galveston, TX
18-19 Street Gangs, Prison Gangs, and Organized Crime Training San Francisco, CA
June 2017
12-13 Prisoner Control *BY PATC New Braunfels, TX
12-14 Penn State-First Line Supervisory Training for Corrections (FLS) Bellefonte , PA
21 Raising the Bar by Calibre Press Grand Rapids, MI
28 Cell Block Survival by Calibre Press Waterloo, IA
July 2017
12-13 Tactical Shotgun Operator Course Spokane, WA
17-19 Inter-Cultural Skills and Leadership Spokane, WA
August 2017
14-16 Correctional Emergency Response Team - Instructor Certification Course Coldwater, MI
21-26 Master Correctional Response Team - Instructor Course Chicago, IL
25-26 Prisoner Control *BY PATC Ocala, FL
September 2017
6-8 Prisoner Control *BY PATC Indianapolis, IN
20-22 Prisoner Control *BY PATC Denver, CO
December 2017
4-6 Supervision for Jail and Correctional Officers *BY PATC Indianapolis, IN
6-8 Court Security *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
Online classes
Defensive Tactics: Chokes and Releases PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Developing Habitual Response PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Focus on Hand-to-Hand Tactics PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Forcing Compliance Under Pressure PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Leverage Techniques PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Offensive Strategies for Immediate Control PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Sequencing Defensive Tactics Training PoliceOne Academy
Edged Weapons: Applying Edged Weapons in Offensive Situations PoliceOne Academy
Subject Control: Active Countermeasures Options PoliceOne Academy
Subject Control: Intervention Options PoliceOne Academy
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Control PoliceOne Academy
Corrections 4 PoliceOne Academy
Asbestos Awareness (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Cultural Diversity (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Fire Safety (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Professionalism & Ethics (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Right to Know (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Security Audits and Count Management (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Use of Force (by V-Academy) Virtual Academy
Segregation (Inmates) Virtual Academy