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September 2016
26-2 Basic Polygraph Course - APA & ISOPE Accredited Philadelphia, PA
October 2016
3-14 TEEX - Forensic Technician Converse, TX
3-9 Basic Polygraph Course San Bernardino, CA
6 Springfield M1A Rifle Armorer Kenosha, WI
10-14 Bloodstain Interpretation Jacksonville, FL
12-14 Crime Scene Investigation *BY PATC Bluffton, SC
17-21 Digital Photography for Surveillance/Reconnaissance (CTR) Sunrise, FL
17-21 TEEX - Forensic Photography II Conroe, TX
31-2 Crime Scene Investigation *BY PATC Slidell, LA
November 2016
7-11 Shooting Incident Reconstruction Jacksonville, FL
7-11 TEEX - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis San Angelo, TX
7-11 TEEX - Forensic Photography I Live Oak, TX
7-11 TEEX - Forensic Photography II Sugar Land, TX
14-18 Buried Body & Surface Skeleton Workshop Miami, FL
December 2016
5-9 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop Miami, FL
5-9 TEEX - Forensic Photography I Lubbock, TX
12-16 TEEX - Forensic Photography I Pasadena, TX
January 2017
9-13 Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course St. Louis, MO
9-13 TEEX - Skeletal Death Investigation San Marcos, TX
23-27 TEEX - Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Nacogdoches, TX
March 2017
12-14 Aquatic Death and Homicidal Drowning Investigations Glenside, PA
April 2017
3-7 Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course St. Louis, MO
May 2017
1-5 IACIS Applied Computer Forensics Orlando, FL
1-5 IACIS Mobile Device Forensics Orlando, FL
1-12 IACIS Basic Computer Forensic Examiner Orlando, FL
1-12 IACIS Cyber Incident Forensic Response Orlando, FL
4-5 IACIS Managing a Digital Forensic Lab Orlando, FL
8-12 IACIS Mobile Device Forensics Orlando, FL
8-12 IACIS Windows Forensic Examiner Orlando, FL
July 2017
17-20 Masters Advanced Medicolegal Death Investigator Course St. Louis, MO
September 2017
25-29 Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course St. Louis, MO
Online classes
Death & Homicide Investigations (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Fingerprint Identification & Preservation Techniques (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Intro to Forensic Biology National Forensic Science Tech Cntr.
Introduction to Sexual Assault Investigation for the Rural Investigator Criminal Justice Institute - UA
TEEX - Foundations of Forensic Photography TEEX
TEEX - Foundations of Fingerprint Comparison TEEX