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October 2016
3-5 COPSWEST Training and Expo Sacramento, CA
10-14 TEEX - Courtroom Testimony Nacogdoches, TX
11-12 Supervising the Toxic Officer *BY PATC Birmingham, AL
11-13 Internal Affairs - Three Day *BY PATC Rockford, IL
12 Advanced Search & Seizure Spokane, WA
12 Basic Courtroom Testimony Spokane Valley, WA
13 Drafting the Bulletproof Affidavit Spokane, WA
18 Investigating Police Use of Force Lansing, MI
24-28 Advanced Fraud Investigations Miami, FL
25 Legal Update and Review Plymouth Twp, MI
27 Legal Update and Review Plymouth Twp, MI
November 2016
1-3 Internal Affairs - Three Day *BY PATC Indianapolis, IN
3-4 Supervisor Liability for Public Safety by DCG Wall, NJ
7 Police Supervisor Legal Liability Ann Arbor, MI
8-9 Drug and Narcotic Investigations - Legal Issues, Best Practices *BY PATC New Braunfels, TX
8-10 Supervising the Toxic Officer *BY PATC Columbus, OH
16 Basic Courtroom Testimony / JLG Training Las Vegas, NV
28-29 Legal and Liability Issues In Schools *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
28-2 Internal Affairs Conference and Certification Las Vegas, NV
December 2016
5-9 Use Of Force *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
6-8 Investigating Citizen Complaints and Officer Misconduct *BY PATC Greenville, SC
February 2017
22-24 Internal Affairs - Three Day *BY PATC Decatur, IL
July 2017
17-20 Masters Advanced Medicolegal Death Investigator Course St. Louis, MO
Online classes
Checklist for Report Writing PoliceOne Academy
Legal: Risk Reduction PoliceOne Academy
Report Writing: Elements of the Crime PoliceOne Academy
4th Amendment: Exclusionary Rule & Remedies (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
6th Amendment: Right to Counsel, Impartial Jury (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Arrests, Terry Stops, Stop & Frisk, & Warrantless Searches (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Courtroom Demeanor and Testimony (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Introduction to Constitutional Criminal Law & Procedure (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Police Interrogations, Confessions, Miranda Warnings (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Pretrial Process, Bail, Prosecutorial Misconduct, Grand Jury (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Reducing Liability for the Smaller Agency (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Search Warrants, Probable Cause, Plain View, & Consent (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Suspect Identification-Line Up-Show Up-Photographic Array (V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
Online Master’s in Criminal Justice - University of Wisconsin-Platteville University of Wisconsin-Platteville c/o All Campus