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October 2016
3-7 Crash Zone Fairfield, OH
3-7 Digital Photography for Traffic Crash Investigators Scottsdale, AZ
6-7 Concealment Areas within a Vehicle Jacksonville, FL
10-14 Basic Marine Enforcement Operations Starke, FL
10-21 Traffic Crash Reconstruction Jacksonville, FL
17-21 Applied Physics for the Traffic Crash Investigator Jacksonville, FL
17-21 Event Data Recorder Use in Traffic Crash Reconstruction West Chester, OH
17-21 Heavy Vehicle Electronic Control Module Data Use in Crash Reconstruction Oklahoma City, OK
17-21 Police Traffic Laser/Radar Instructor Jacksonville, FL
17-28 Traffic Crash Investigation 1 Northwestern University Woodstock , IL
24-28 Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation - Level I Scottsdale, AZ
31-4 Investigation of Motorcycle Crashes Jacksonville, FL
31-11 TEEX - Advanced Collision Investigation San Antonio, TX
November 2016
7-11 TEEX - Radar Instructor Jersey Village, TX
7-18 Police Motorcycle Instructor Deland, FL
7-18 TEEX - Collision Reconstruction Humble, TX
14 TNT: Tactics in Traffic by Calibre Press Baltimore, MD
14-16 Forensic Evidence from Crash Fatalities Jacksonville, FL
14-18 Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation Oklahoma City, OK
28-2 Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Investigation Jacksonville, FL
December 2016
5-9 Occupant Kinematics for the Traffic Crash Reconstructionist Oklahoma City, OK
12-16 DWI Instructor Jacksonville, FL
January 2017
9 TNT: Tactics in Traffic by Calibre Press Newport Beach, CA
16-20 TEEX - Intermediate Collision Investigation Missouri City, TX
March 2017
6-17 TEEX - Advanced Collision Investigation Missouri City, TX
May 2017
8-19 TEEX - Collision Reconstruction Missouri City, TX
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