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June 2017
1-2 Mexican Drug Cartel Investigations *BY PLET Methuen, MA
5-8 Basic Undercover Operations Course Loveland, CO
12-16 Covert Operations and Investigations Daytona Beach, FL
13-16 Undercover Officer Survival Techniques *BY PLET Methuen, MA
26-30 Basic Undercover Narcotics Tactics Independence, MO
July 2017
24-28 Investigating Drug Trafficking Organizations Nashville, TN
31-4 Basic Narcotics Investigations *BY PLET Wheeling, IL
August 2017
7-8 Basic Surreptitious Entry and Locking Mechanism Defeat Training Battle Mountain, NV
7-11 22nd Annual Covert Ops Training Conference Las Vegas, NV
7-11 Basic Narcotics Investigations *BY PLET Garland, TX
14-17 Undercover Survival Techniques *BY PLET New Orleans, LA
14-18 Narcotics, Gangs, Vice and Financial Investigations Nashville, TN
24-25 Internet Anonymity for Law Enforcement by POLICE TECHNICAL Hamilton Twp., OH
September 2017
11-15 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival Gatlinburg, TN
11-15 Basic Narcotics Investigations *BY PLET Santa Fe, NM
11-15 Basic Narcotics Investigations *BY PLET Keizer, OR
11-15 Narcotic Unit Supervisor's Course San Diego, CA
18-22 Basic Narcotic Investigations *BY PLET St. Louis, MO
21-22 Internet Anonymity for Law Enforcement by POLICE TECHNICAL Las Cruces, NM
25-26 Cultivating & Managing Confidential Informants *BY PLET Garland, TX
25-29 Advanced Vice and Narcotics Investigations Nashville, TN
25-29 Special Operations Supervisors Training Nashville, TN
October 2017
10-13 Basic Undercover Operations Course Montgomery, AL
12-13 Internet Anonymity for Law Enforcement by POLICE TECHNICAL Napa, CA
16-20 Vice & Human Trafficking Investigations Garland, TX
23-27 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival Daytona Bch, FL
November 2017
13-17 Advanced Undercover Narcotics Tactics & Agent Rescue Independence, MO
13-17 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival Austin, TX
16-17 Internet Anonymity for Law Enforcement by POLICE TECHNICAL Southlake , TX
17-21 California Narcotic Officers' Association Annual Training Institute Reno, NV
27-1 Advanced Undercover Techniques & Survival Honolulu, HI
December 2017
4-8 Undercover Drug Enforcement Techniques by IPTM Jacksonville, FL