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October 2016
24-27 Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Departmental Instructor Certification Course Arcadia, FL
31-4 Tactical Life Saver Miami, FL
November 2016
1 Constitutional Use of Force by Calibre Press Kansas City, MO
2 Use of Force for Command and Supervisors W Lt. K Dillon Weston , MA
7 Constitutional Use of Force by Calibre Press Baton Rouge, LA
14-15 De-escalation Training Atlanta , GA
14-17 Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Course Huntsville, AL
17 Constitutional Use of Force by Calibre Press Sarasota, FL
29-1 2016 Use of Force Summit Uncasville, CT
December 2016
1 Use of Force from the Street to the Courtroom Idaho Falls, ID
5-9 Use Of Force *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
12-16 17th Annual U.S.N.S.T.A. Eastern Conference Scott, LA
12-16 PPCT Defensive Tactics (DT) Instructor Certification Training Seminar State College, PA
15 Constitutional Use of Force by Calibre Press Glendale, CA
January 2017
18 Constitutional Use of Force by Calibre Press Mesa, AZ
23-25 Officer Involved Shooting-3 Day *BY PATC Marietta, GA
30-1 Use of Force Investigators Conference Seattle, WA
31 De-escalation Training Atlanta, GA
February 2017
27-1 Use Of Force *BY PATC Columbus, OH
June 2017
26-28 Use of Force and Documentation *BY PATC Denver, CO
Online classes
Corrections: Active Countermeasures PoliceOne Academy
Corrections: Close Quarters Strikes PoliceOne Academy
Corrections: Direct Supervision of Inmates PoliceOne Academy
Crowd Control: An Overview PoliceOne Academy
Crowd Control: Continuum PoliceOne Academy
Crowd Control: The Sleeping Dragon PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Chokes and Releases PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Developing Habitual Response PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Focus on Hand-to-Hand Tactics PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Forcing Compliance Under Pressure PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Leverage Techniques PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Offensive Strategies for Immediate Control PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Sequencing Defensive Tactics Training PoliceOne Academy
Legal: Risk Reduction PoliceOne Academy
Subject Control: Active Countermeasures Options PoliceOne Academy
Subject Control: Intervention Options PoliceOne Academy
Use of Force (by V-Academy) V-Academy Police Training
De-Escalation Training Diversion Center