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August 2016
2-3 Bomb Investigations *BY PATC Cary, IL
4-5 Cell Phone Investigation Techniques Urbana, IL
8-10 19th Annual NGCRC International Gang Specialist Training Conference Chicago, IL
16-18 First Line Supervision: Leadership and Management Skills *BY PATC Normal, IL
24 Constitutional Use of Force by Calibre Press Schaumburg, IL
29-2 NRA LE Handgun Instructor Development School Bonfield, IL
September 2016
7-9 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Lincolnwood, IL
12 LE TEMS/TCCC/Street Survival Course - Check Course Schedule Gurnee, IL
12-14 LE TEMS/TCCC/Street Survival Instructor Course - Check Course Schedule Gurnee, IL
13 Knock & Talk Investigation Techniques Wheeling, IL
14-15 Patrol Officer Drug Investigations Wheeling, IL
19-20 News Media Relations & On-Camera Training, Russell Ruffin & Penny Carter Champaign , IL
19-23 Correctional High Liability Use of Force/Defensive Tactics Instructor Belvidere, IL
20-23 Undercover Officer Survival Techniques Urbana, IL
22-23 Chicago & Mid-West Gangs Chicago, IL
26-9 Northwestern's School of Police Staff and Command Evanston, IL
27-28 Prevent Community Crisis: Implicit Bias, Procedural Justice Oak Brook, IL
October 2016
17-18 Cell Phone Investigation Techniques Wheeling, IL
17-28 Traffic Crash Investigation 1 Northwestern University Woodstock , IL
19 Failures in Criminal Investigations Wheeling, IL
27 Tactical De-escalation Techniques Wheeling, IL
November 2016
2-4 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Rockford, IL
7-10 4 day Reid Technique of Interviewing and InterrogationĀ® Oak Brook, IL
15-17 Performance Evaluations *BY PATC Normal, IL
Online classes
Patrol Response to Internet Crimes (Webinar) BSC Law Enforcement Tech Training