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September 2017
26-28 Springfield Armorer Courses (1-day each; XD/XDm, XDs, 1911) Palos Hills, IL
October 2017
2-3 Fentanyl: Drug Trends, Investigations & Officer Safety * BY PLET Urbana, IL
2-6 Force Operator Course St. Charles, IL
7-8 Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Aerosol Spray Master Instructor Course Jacksonville, IL
16-17 Cell Phone Data and Mapping by POLICE TECHNICAL Buffalo Grove, IL
16-17 Gangs and Organized Crime Training Cicero, IL
16-17 Legal Update and Law Enforcement Best Legal Practices *BY PATC Normal, IL
16-17 Patrol Officer Drug Investigations * BY PLET Urbana, IL
18-19 SLR15 AR-15 / M-16 / M-4 Rifle Armorer Lake Hills, IL
23-25 Homicide and Questioned Death Scene *BY PATC Normal, IL
25-26 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Urbana, IL
25-27 Investigating Officer-Involved Shootings- by C4C Chicago, IL
30-3 Force Science Certification Course: Force Science Institute Chicago, IL
November 2017
6 Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques Hoffman Est., IL
6-10 Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation Phase I and II *BY PATC Normal, IL
7-8 Access for Public Safety by POLICE TECHNICAL Wheeling, IL
13-14 Managing an Explosive Incident *BY PATC Wheeling, IL
13-17 Alpha Group Center - Criminal Investigative Analysis Vernon Hills, IL
13-17 NRA LE Handgun/Shotgun Instructor Development School Oak Forest, IL
14-17 4 day Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation® Oak Brook, IL
28-29 Courtroom Security and Threat Assessment *BY PATC Urbana, IL
December 2017
4-6 Developing Leadership Skills for Excellence *BY PATC Urbana, IL
4-6 Investigative Techniques Using Social Networking Sites *BY PATC Normal, IL
4-8 Crisis & Hostage Negotiation Level 1 Lake Zurich, IL
January 2018
22-25 Train the Trainer - Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Aurora, IL
February 2018
26-27 Child Death Investigation - Child Death Scene to Court *BY PATC Normal, IL
April 2018
9-13 Smartphone Forensics and Cellular Technology (SMART) *BY PATC Normal, IL
30-4 Street Sergeant©: Evidence-Based First-Line Supervision Training by DOLAN Normal, IL