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September 2017
26-27 Tactical Rapid Intervention–The Israeli Model Baton-Rouge, LA
26-28 Officer Survival and Communication Spanish Level I *BY PATC Harvey, LA
October 2017
3-4 Courtroom Security and Threat Assessment *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
9-11 Field Training Officer by IPTM Baton Rouge, LA
10 Drones: What Public Safety Officials Need to Know by DOLAN Gonzales, LA
11-12 sUAS Drone Ground School & Flight Training by DOLAN Gonzales, LA
16-17 Supervisor Liability for Public Safety by DOLAN Gonzales, LA
23-25 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Kenner, LA
23-27 NRA LE Precision Rifle Instructor Development School Shreveport, LA
30-1 Crime Scene Processing Workshop by IPTM Belle Chasse, LA
30-1 Investigative Statement Analysis *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
30-3 Police Internal Affairs by IPTM Baton Rouge, LA
November 2017
6-10 Detective and New Criminal Investigator *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
13-14 Confronting the Toxic Officer: Making Discipline Stick by DOLAN Gonzales, LA
December 2017
5-8 Undercover Survival Techniques * BY PLET New Orleans , LA
11-15 Homicide Investigation: Seeking Justice and Finding Truth by DOLAN Slidell, LA
12-14 Practical Kinesic Interview, Phase I *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
January 2018
8-11 U.S.N.S.T.A. Eastern Training Conference Scott, LA
8-12 USNSTA Training Conference Scott, LA
9-11 Leadership Skills For Challenging Times *BY PATC Covington, LA
16-18 Solving Homicides: Investigative Steps to Success *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
April 2018
3-5 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes Seminar Baton Rouge, LA