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January 2022
24-26 Drug Investigations for Street Officers and New Investigators *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
24-28 Use of Force, Deadly Force, and Officer Involved Shooting 5 Day *BY PATC Gonzales, LA
31-4 Field Training Officer Certification *BY PATC Scott , LA
February 2022
1-3 3 Day Criminal Interdiction & Vehicle Search Workshop (DSRT SNOW) Baton Rouge, LA
7-9 Detecting Deception *BY PATC Monroe, LA
7-18 SSGT Vanguard Defensive Tactics Instructor Certification Luling, LA
8-10 3-Day New Detective and New Criminal Investigator By LLRMI Hammond, LA
8-10 Cell Phone Evidence: From Seizure to Court Room By LLRMI Scott, LA
16-17 Basic Drug Investigations by LLRMI Hammond, LA
25 Interdiction Mastermind By Street Cop Training Lafayette, LA
March 2022
7-8 Statement Analysis® Interviewing Techniques New Orleans, LA
7-11 CQB/CQC Instructor Training Baton Rouge, LA
16-18 Mastering Performance Supervision and Leadership By LLRMI Hammond, LA
21 SLR15 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Armorer Course Luling, LA
22-23 SLR15 AR15 / M16 / M4 / AR308 Armorer Course Luling, LA
24-25 SLR15 Advanced AR15 / M16 / M4 / AR308 Armorer Course Luling, LA
29-30 Leadership for the Field Training Officer By LLRMI Hammond, LA
April 2022
4-8 Mastering the Leadership Challenges of Law Enforcement By LLRMI Hammond, LA
20-22 Officer Involved Shooting by LLRMI West Monroe, LA
25-27 Cellular Technology and Records Analysis Scott, LA
25-29 Death and Homicide Investigation *BY PATC Monroe, LA
May 2022
2 Criminal M.A.P.P (Motel, Airport, Parking lot, Parcel) By Street Cop LaPlace, LA
16-20 Officer-Involved Shooting and Use-of-force 5-day *BY PATC West Monroe, LA
23-26 Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Advanced Interrogation™ Baton Rouge, LA
June 2022
20-21 Grant Proposal Writing *BY PATC Alexandria , LA
28-30 Basic Criminal Investigation - Patrol and New Investigators *BY PATC Alexandria , LA
July 2022
5-6 Criminal Patrol/Drug Interdiction Ruston , LA
11-22 Command and Staff Leadership Program Session #015 Luling, LA
August 2022
1-3 Pat McCarthy's Street Crimes - Real World Training for the Real Police Baton Rouge, LA
7-12 2022 Intl Homicide Investigators Assoc. 28th Annual Training Symposium New Orleans, LA
October 2022
25 Advanced Search & Seizure by Blue to Gold Baton Rouge, LA
26 Advanced Interview & Interrogation by Blue to Gold Baton Rouge, LA
27 Bulletproof Report Writing by Blue to Gold Baton Rouge, LA