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January 2019
20-21 Springfield Armorer XD/XDm and XDs Armorer Team One Las Vegas, NV
February 2019
4-7 Police Social Media Boot Camp | 'Master Social Media Officer' | Chris Ryan N Las Vegas, NV
11-12 Financial Investigation of Criminal Organizations-Boyle LE Training Las Vegas, NV
11-12 Two-Day Female Enforcers Event by Calibre Press Las Vegas, NV
12-15 Advanced Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training Las Vegas, NV
16 Sabre Chemical Aerosol Projector Training Class N Las Vegas, NV
25-28 Gang Undercover Narcotics Conference Las Vegas, NV
25-28 Tactical Narcotics Officer Course Boulder City, NV
March 2019
4-5 IAPE - Property Room Management Training Class Las Vegas, NV
April 2019
1-2 Dark Web Conference by POLICE TECHNICAL Las Vegas, NV
1-2 Dark Web Investigations *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
1-2 Managing the Property and Evidence Room *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
1-2 The Essentials of Conducting an Internal Affairs Investigation *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
1-3 Hostage Negotiators Training Conference *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
1-5 Terrorism Conference Las Vegas, NV
3-5 Detecting Deception *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
3-5 Human Trafficking *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
3-5 Leadership Through Understanding Emotional Intelligence *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
3-5 Supervising and Managing the FTO Unit *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
4-5 Forensic Fire Explosion Death Investigation "Fire Fatality" *BY PATC Las Vegas, NV
15-19 Narcotics, Vice & Street Crimes Supervisors Training Las Vegas, NV
May 2019
6-9 Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Advanced Interrogation™ Las Vegas, NV
8-10 TacOps West Las Vegas, NV
29-31 3-Day Sex Offender Training for Police, Probation and Parole Las Vegas, NV
August 2019
12-15 International Latino Gang Investigator's Association 17th Annual Conference Las Vegas, NV
28-30 3 Day Criminal Interdiction & Vehicle Search Workshop (DSRT SNOW) Ely, NV
September 2019
23-26 Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Advanced Interrogation™ Las Vegas, NV
November 2019
4-8 Criminal Investigations Using Cellular Technologies Las Vegas, NV