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June 2022
27 Trauma 101 By: Street Cop Training East Windsor, NJ
July 2022
18 #ResponderReadiness - Performance, Persistence, & Prevention. Chandler, AZ
19 #ResponderReadiness - Performance, Persistence, & Prevention. Chandler, AZ
August 2022
23 #ResponderReadiness - Performance, Persistence, & Prevention. Burlington, IA
29-30 Livestream: Navigating the OIS and Critical Incidents by DOLAN Webinar
31 Webinar: Caring for Cops: Emotional Survival Strategies by DOLAN (2 hour) Webinar
31 Webinar: OIS Training for Tactical Teams by DOLAN (3 hour) Webinar
September 2022
7 #ResponderReadiness - Performance, Persistence, & Prevention Farmington, NM
8 #ResponderReadiness - Train the trainer Farmington, NM
14-15 Wellness - LevelUP! Conference Denver, CO
20 #ResponderReadiness - Performance, Persistence, & Prevention Englewood, CO
20-21 Livestream: Peer Support and Mentoring in Law Enforcement by DOLAN Webinar
22 Webinar: Financial Planning for Police Officers by DOLAN (2 hour) Webinar
26-30 Livestream: Street Sergeant®: First-Line Supervision Training by DOLAN Webinar
28 Livestream: Officer and Agency Wellness—Hiring & Retiring Healthy by DOLAN Webinar
November 2022
14 #ResponderReadiness - Performance, Persistence, & Prevention Sandy, UT
Online classes
Bloodborne Pathogens PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Human Fatigue 24/7 PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Law Enforcement and the Family Dynamic PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Officer Wellness & Mental Health Awareness PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Stress and Your Health PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Suicide Prevention for Law Enforcement PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Stress Recognition and Resolution for Telecommunicators (Online) - by IPTM IPTM
Life After Public Safety - The Next Step (VoD) - by IPTM IPTM
Free Retirement Readiness Course - Build your Tax Free Retirement now OPSolutions Training
Utilizing Emotional Intelligence Magny Leadership