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September 2019
24-25 Modnadnock Expandable Baton (MEB) Instructor's Course Denver, CO
30-4 Contact Dominance Level One Instructor Detroit, MI
30-11 SSGT Vanguard Defensive Tactics Instructor Tuscaloosa, AL
October 2019
9-11 Ground Tactics Coaches Certification Course Fort Collins, CO
14 Tactical De-escalation Techniques * BY PLET Newman Lake, WA
21-1 SSGT Vanguard Defensive Tactics Instructor Knoxville, TN
28-1 PPCT/HFRG DT Instructor Certification Bellefonte, PA
November 2019
5-15 Spanish Immersion for Public Service Agencies Marshfield , MO
8 Tactical De-escalation Techniques * BY PLET Del Valle, TX
10-13 PTACC (Police, Treatment and Community Collaborative) Conference Ponte Vedra , FL
13-14 Realistic De-escalation Training Saint Paul, MN
13-15 Ground Tactics Coaches Certification Course Commerce city, CO
January 2020
13-17 "The Takedown" Ocean City, MD
Online classes
Corrections: Active Countermeasures PoliceOne Academy
Corrections: Close Quarters Strikes PoliceOne Academy
Corrections: Direct Supervision of Inmates PoliceOne Academy
Crowd Control: An Overview PoliceOne Academy
Crowd Control: The Sleeping Dragon PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Developing Habitual Response PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Focus on Hand-to-Hand Tactics PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Forcing Compliance Under Pressure PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Offensive Strategies for Immediate Control PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Sequencing Defensive Tactics Training PoliceOne Academy
Edged Weapons: Applying Edged Weapons in Offensive Situations PoliceOne Academy
Officer Survival: 360 Situational Awareness PoliceOne Academy
Patrol Communications PoliceOne Academy
Patrol: Rule of Plus One PoliceOne Academy
Psy. Disorders: Managing Emotionally Disturbed Persons PoliceOne Academy
Real-Life Video Training PoliceOne Academy
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Control PoliceOne Academy
Crowd Control: Continuum PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Chokes and Releases PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics: Leverage Techniques PoliceOne Academy