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April 2020
6-7 Practical Fire/Arson Scene Search and Evidence Recovery by LLRMI Sareyville, NJ
6-10 Digital Photography for Traffic Crash Investigators at IPTM New Haven, CT
9-10 Digital Forensics for Investigations *BY PLET Methuen, MA
15-16 IAFCI 2020 Cyber Fraud Summit Austin, TX
20-22 Search Warrants by HITS Fort Worth, TX
20-24 Bloodstain Interpretation by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
27-28 Cold Case *BY PATC Park Hills, MO
27-1 IACIS- Applied Computer Forensics (ACF) Orlando, FL
27-1 IACIS - Mobile Device Forensics (MDF) Orlando, FL
27-1 IACIS/SPYDER FORENSICS - UAV (Drone) Forensics Orlando, FL
27-1 IACIS/Sumuri- Best Practices in Mac Forensics (MAC I) Orlando, FL
27-8 IACIS- Basic Computer Forensic Examiner (BCFE) Orlando, FL
27-8 IACIS- Cyber Incident Forensic Response (CIFR) Orlando, FL
30-1 IACIS- Managing a Digital Forensics Lab (MDFL) Orlando, FL
May 2020
3-8 IACIS/Sumuri- Advanced Practices in Mac Forensics (MAC II) Orlando, FL
4-7 IACIS- Preparing for Lab Accreditation (PLA) Orlando, FL
4-8 IACIS -Leva Level1; Forensic Video Analysis & the Law Orlando, FL
4-8 IACIS - Mobile Device Forensics (MDF) Orlando, FL
4-8 IACIS -Oxygen Forensic Training Orlando, FL
4-8 IACIS - Windows Forensic Examiner (WFE) Orlando, FL
5-8 IACIS - Axiom Examinations Orlando, FL
June 2020
25-26 Open Source Intelligence *BY PLET Commerce City , CO
July 2020
13-14 Digital Forensics for Investigations *BY PLET Hampton, VA
20-22 Search Warrants by HITS Georgetown, TX
27-31 Open Source & Social Media Investigations for Law Enforcement Miami Beach, FL
August 2020
3-7 Crime Scene Reconstruction by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
17-21 Crime Scene Investigations Miami, FL
19-21 Advanced Forensic Photography by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
24-25 Basic Death Investigation Ammon, ID
24-26 *BY PATC Raleigh, NC
24-28 The Original Medicolegal Death Investigator Training Course St. Louis, MO
September 2020
14-18 Advanced Fraud Investigations Miami Beach, FL
21-23 Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction *BY PATC Orlando, FL
October 2020
5-7 Crimes Against Children by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
5-9 Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
26-30 Criminal Investigative Techniques by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
November 2020
4-6 Digital Photography for Law Enforcement by IPTM Altamonte Sp., FL
9-10 Innovative Fiscal Strategies by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
9-13 Shooting Incident Reconstruction - Level I by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
16-20 Buried Body & Surface Skeleton Workshop Miami, FL
December 2020
7-9 Bloodstain Pattern *BY PATC Marietta, GA
7-11 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop Miami, FL
8-10 Crime Scene Processing Workshop by IPTM Altamonte Sp., FL
16-17 Digital Forensics for Investigations *BY PLET Newman Lake, WA
Online classes
Biological Screening NFSTC
Digital Crime Scene Photography NFSTC
Intermediate Crime Scene Investigation NFSTC
Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation NFSTC