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April 2021
15-16 Chemical Aerosol Projector Webinar
26 Situational De-Escalation Techniques by IPTM Altamonte Sp, FL
27-28 Situational De-Escalation Techniques: Train-the-Trainer by IPTM Altamonte Sp, FL
May 2021
14 Chemical Aerosol Projector Virginia Bch, VA
June 2021
1 Aerosol Irritant Projector Lake St Lou, MO
September 2021
24 Aerosol Irritant Projector Ocean View, DE
November 2021
5 Aerosol Irritant Projector St Louis, MO
Online classes
De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Ethics In Law Enforcement PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Holds and Restraints PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Officer Tactical Training PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Using Oleoresin Capsicum PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Compliance PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol