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July 2024
15-17 Crime Prevention and Community Policing Miami, FL
15-19 5-Day New Detective & New Criminal Investigator - by LLRMI San Antonio, TX
16-17 Practical Fire/Arson Scene Search and Evidence Recovery by LLRMI Sachse, TX
16-18 Interview & Interrogation for Detectives - by LLRMI New Braunfels, TX
17-19 Court Security: Response to Critical Incidents and Emergency Plng by LLRMI Walhalla, SC
24-25 Critical Task in Jail/Correction Operations by LLRMI York, SC
29-30 Risk Protection Order: Preparation and Procedures Miami, FL
29-2 Smartphone Technology and Forensics Certification (+SMART) by LLRMI LaPlace, LA
30-1 NFPA® 1033 Meeting The Job Performance Requirements by LLRMI Rosenberg, TX
August 2024
5-9 Crime Scene Investigations Miami, FL
5-9 Mastering the Leadership Challenges of Law Enforement - by LLRMI Millington, TN
6 Online-Suspect Development and Elimination Techniques by LLRMI Webinar
12 Teaching Rookie Cops How to Talk to People by Calibre Press St. Louis, MO
12-13 PREA Investigator Training for Allegations of Inmate Sexual Abuse by LLRMI Oklahoma City, OK
12-13 Recruiting & Retaining the Next Generation of LE by Calibre Press Round Rock, TX
12-16 Crime Analysis Applications Duluth, MN
13-15 3-Day New Detective & New Criminal Investigator - by LLRMI Stapleton, AL
13-15 Officer Involved Shootings by LLRMI Lafayette, LA
13-15 Supervising & Managing the FTO Unit - by LLRMI New Braunfels, TX
19 Teaching Rookie Cops How to Talk to People by Calibre Press Clermont, FL
19-21 High Profile Murder Case Symposium Miami, FL
20-22 Internal Affairs, Citizen Complaints and Officer Discipline - by LLRMI Ft Worth, TX
22-23 PowerPoint for Public Safety by POLICE TECHNICAL Webinar
26-29 Advanced Fraud Investigations Miami, FL
29 Teaching Rookie Cops How to Talk to People by Calibre Press Lebanon, PA
September 2024
4-6 Fire Pattern Recognition and Identification by LLRMI Hanover, VA
5-6 OneNote: Digital Case Management by POLICE TECHNICAL Webinar
9-10 Death Investigation: Cause, Manner, Mechanism of Death by LLRMI LaPlace, LA
10-11 Practical Fire/Arson Scene Search and Evidence Recovery - by LLRMI Allendale, MI
10-12 Interview & Interrogation for Detectives, Criminal Investigators - by LLRMI Surprise, AZ
17-19 Cellular Investigations for Criminal, Drug and Homicide Invest - by LLRMI Columbus, OH
23-27 Fingerprinting Techniques, Evaluation & Analysis of Fingerprinting Evidence Miami, FL
23-27 Homicide Investigations Miami, FL
24-25 Ten Steps for Managing A Major Case Investigation by LLRMI LaPlace, LA
30 "Next Level" Report Writing: Moving Beyond the Basics - J. Harris Training Toms River, NJ
30-4 Crime Analysis Applications Kenosha, WI
October 2024
3-4 Social Media & Open-Source Investigations (B) Miami, FL
11 NJ OPRA - Open Public Records (DLGS CEU Approved) - J. Harris Training Toms River, NJ
14-18 Female Involvement in Violent Encounters (FIVE) Enhanced Miami, FL
17 Human Trafficking and Cartels Webinar
21-22 Death Investigation: Cause, Manner & Mechanism of Death - by LLRMI New Braunfels, TX
21-25 Auto Theft Symposium Miami, FL
22-23 Death Investigation for the First Officer on Scene - by LLRMI Columbus, OH
28-1 Crime Analysis Applications Mississauga Canada
November 2024
4-6 Crime Scene Photography Workshop Miami, FL
12-14 3-Day New Detective & New Criminal Investigator - by LLRMI Commerce , CO
18-19 Red Pistol Transition Miami, FL
20-22 Documentation & Collection of Impression Evidence on Crime Scenes Miami, FL
21 Courtroom Preparation and Expert Witness Testimony Webinar
December 2024
2-6 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop Miami, FL
9-13 Buried Body & Surface Skeleton Workshop Miami, FL
9-13 Crime Analysis Applications Oklahoma , OK
Online classes
Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Body-Worn Cameras For Law Enforcement PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
COVID-19 for Law Enforcement PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
COVID-19 Together, We Will Defeat the Enemy PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
First Responders, Stress Management and Coronavirus PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Implementing a Body-Worn Camera Program PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Infectious and Communicable Diseases PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Mass Casualty, Natural Disaster Standards PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read: COVID-19 FAQs About Testing, PPE, and Transmission PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read: Enforcement Considerations for Quarantine and Isolation Orders PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read for Police: Policing in a Panic PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read: How Police Leaders Can Improve Officer Safety During the Crisis PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read: Preparing to Deliver Death Notifications During a Pandemic PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Do To Weather The Storm PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Must Read: What Does Social Distancing Look Like for LE Street Operations? PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Pandemic Ready PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Personal Protective Equipment (Mask fit test) PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Responding to Mental Illness with Compassion PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Responding to People with Mental Illness PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Subject Precipitated Homicide PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Suicide by Cop PoliceOne Academy/Lexipol
Implicit Bias Training (Self-Paced and Online) Drake University