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December 2019
2-4 Team One Network - Low Light / Laser Instructor Jefferson, NJ
3-5 Buyin' Dope Ocean City, MD
5-6 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Titusville, FL
February 2020
11-13 High Risk Warrant Service Sacramento, CA
24-27 Non-Destructive Entry (covert/ lock picking) for Law Enforcement Lansing, MI
March 2020
18-19 Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics (VCAT) Sacramento, CA
April 2020
20-23 NYTOA Patrol Tactics Conference & Expo Verona, NY
20-23 NYTOA Tactical EMS Conference & Expo Verona, NY
21-24 NYTOA SWAT Conference and Expo Verona, NY
29 Patrol Breaching Sacramento, CA
May 2020
4-5 Covert Entry Specialist: Lock picking, bypass & Circumvention Richland, WA
5-7 TacOps West Patrol Tactics Conference & Expo Las Vegas, NV
5-7 TacOps West Tactical EMS Conference & Expo Las Vegas, NV
6-8 TacOps West SWAT Conference & Expo Las Vegas, NV
18-20 Tactical Breacher Course Sacramento, CA
21-22 Shotgun Breacher Course Sacramento, CA
26-29 Hostage Rescue Course Sacramento, CA
June 2020
11-12 Patrol Officer Drug Investigations * BY PLET Garland, TX
October 2020
19-23 Basic Police Sniper/Observer Course Miami, FL
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