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September 2017
26-29 The Tactical Athlete Program Instructor Course Omaha, NE
October 2017
2-5 Instructor Certification by Controlled F.O.R.C.E Spokane, WA
2-6 High Risk Warrant Service by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
4 SABRE Chemical Aerosol Projector-Instructor Cambridge
6-10 Covert Entry Skills Course Colorado Springs, CO
8-13 TEEX - Basic Special Weapons & Tactics (SWAT) Bryan, TX
9-12 Arrest and Control by Controlled F.O.R.C.E Auburn Hills, MI
9-13 Tactical Leaders Course (TLC) Cleveland, TN
9-13 TEEX - Defensive Tactics Instructor Richmond, TX
10-11 The Ultimate Training Officer by Calibre Press Loveland, CO
10-12 TEEX - PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor Bryan, TX
11-12 Tactical Shotgun Operator Course Spokane, WA
15-17 Low Light/Laser Instructor Spokane, WA
16 Police Pistol Epping, NH
16-20 LE Precision Marksman/ Observer Houston, MO
16-20 Marine Enforcement Operations - Level I by IPTM Starke, FL
16-20 Tactical Narcotics Techniques Nashville, TN
17 Police Rifle Epping, NH
17-19 Low Light / Laser Instructor Course Spokane, WA
22-25 Full Mission Profile Challenge Altha, FL
23 Counter Ambush Tactics for Law Enforcement Epping, NH
23-27 Instructor Certification Colorado POST Aprroved Lamar, AK
23-27 NASTA Advanced SWAT School Grove City, OH
23-27 Sniper Instructor Course Palm Beach, FL
25-26 Rapid Response Workshop (Only $100.00 = 100% Donated to C.O.P.S.) Henderson, KY
30-3 TEEX - Explosive Breacher Entry Bryan, TX
November 2017
1 Tactical Casualty Care "Emergency Medicine / First Aid" Wayne, NJ
1 Tactical Casualty Care "Tactical Medicine / First Aid" Wayne, NJ
6 Tactical Patrol Supervisor Course Epping, NH
6-8 Defensive Tactics Columbus, OH
6-8 ERT/SWAT Leadership and Decision Making - by PPC Colorado Springs, CO
6-9 High Risk Dignitary Protection Naples, FL
6-10 Patrol Rifle Instructor Course Jefferson Twp., NJ
6-10 Tactical Narcotics Techniques Kissimmee, FL
6-10 Use of Force Instructor - Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Flintstone, MD
7-10 Tactical Team Leader Course Muncie, IN
8-9 The Ultimate Training Officer by Calibre Press West Bend, WI
13-14 The Ultimate Training Officer by Calibre Press Dallas, TX
13-14 The Ultimate Training Officer - Reduced Fee by Calibre Press Evansville, IN
13-15 Street Survival Combatives Course - by PPC Colorado Springs, CO
27-1 Tactical Team (SWAT) Course (TTC) Mariana, FL
30 Tactical Leadership by Calibre Press Lubbock, TX
December 2017
4-8 Tactical Narcotics Techniques Atlanta, VA
11-15 TEEX - Defensive Tactics Instructor Bryan, TX
11-15 USNSTA Training Conference Las Vegas, NV
12-14 High Risk Inmate Movement & Transport - Instructor Certification Moncks Corner, SC
January 2018
17-19 Advance Covert Entry: Lockpicking / Bypassing / Circumvention Techniques Santa Ana, CA
22-25 Train the Trainer - Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Aurora, IL
22-26 EBSOTOC (Sniper Observer-Precision Marksman) Marianna, FL
April 2018
23-24 Non-Destructive Entry (NDE) For Law Enforcement: Basic University City, MI
25-26 Non-Destructive Entry (NDE) For Law Enforcement: Advanced University City, MI
May 2018
7-11 TEEX - Explosive Breacher Entry Bryan, TX
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