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February 2019
21-22 Counter Ambush Tactics for Female Law Enforcement Maynard, MA
25-27 Advanced Tactical and Survival Skills for Police Motorcycle Officers Lakeland, FL
28-1 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Mountain Brook, AL
March 2019
11-12 Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics Medfield , MA
12-14 Patrol Officer Tactical Entry and Building Searches *BY PLET McKinney, TX
13-15 High Risk Patrol by Vigr Training Blanch, NC
21-22 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Floral Park, NY
25 Tactical Leadership by Calibre Press Hutto, TX
April 2019
1-5 TEEX - Intermediate Defensive Tactics Instructor Pearland, TX
8-9 Covert Entry I: Lockpicking, Bypassing & Circumvention Techniques Huntington Bch., CA
8-9 Covert Entry Specialist I: Lock Picking, Circumvention & Lock Bypassing Hunting Beach, CA
8-9 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Mankato, MN
10-12 Covert Entry Specialist II: Advance Lock Picking & Circumcention Tactics Hunting Beach, CA
15-17 High Risk Patrol by Vigr Training Lebanon, PA
15-17 Patrol Tactics Conference Verona, NY
15-17 Tactical Methods Of Entry-Breaching I Marianna, FL
15-19 Tactical Methods Of Entry-Breaching II Cleveland, TN
16-19 NYTOA Tactical Conference Verona, NY
23-25 TEEX - Advanced Defensive Tactics Instructor Bryan, TX
May 2019
6-7 Tactical Narcotic Operations *BY PLET McKinney, TX
8-10 TacOps West Las Vegas, NV
9-10 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Palm Beach, FL
20-23 Tactical Training for Narcotics/Vice Units Denver, CO
20-24 PPCT/HFRG DT Instructor Certification Doylestown, PA
June 2019
3-4 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Pasco, WA
4-5 Tactical Field Operations- Man-Tracking University Ctr, MI
20-21 Lock Picking and Specialized Entry Techniques Mahwah, NJ
24-28 Tactical Leaders/Planning Course Cleveland, TN
September 2019
4-6 TacOps East Arlington, VA
16-20 Special Operations Training Week (The MATRIX) Marianna, FL
23-27 Special OPNS Full Mission Profile Week Marianna, FL
October 2019
21-25 High Risk Warrant Service by IPTM Jacksonville, FL
November 2019
11-15 Tactical Tracking Course Marianna, FL
Online classes
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Off-Duty, Safe, and Ready PoliceOne Academy
Real-Life Video Training PoliceOne Academy
Tactical Operations PoliceOne Academy
Tactical Patrol Considerations PoliceOne Academy
Using the Straight Armbar to Gain Subject Control PoliceOne Academy
Defensive Tactics 8 PoliceOne Academy
Tactical Tracking for Law Enforcement; an Introduction Onpointtactical
Drug Raid Planning Target Solutions
Interview/Interrogation Interview Techniques Target Solutions
Pre- Attack Behavioral Indicators Target Solutions